About Us

Advanced Credit Technologies, Inc. has launched a new software platform that enables the average American to raise their personal credit scores from the privacy of their home or office.  Utilizing state of the art technology, we have developed TURNSCOR, a user friendly software, combined with a few basic steps, to educate the general public on how to easily remove negative, outdated, inaccurate, or incorrect items from their credit profiles.  Our clients are given access to a complete back office dashboard, a detailed video training library, a personalized e-book, and all of the technical support needed to use this simple platform. Our business model is designed to be simple, with easy to use steps, in order to assist as many people as possible, to get back on sound financial footing, and find their piece of the American Dream......

TURNSCOR PRO has been developed as an ancillary product for the "WHOLESALE" verticals, to offer a value added product to their clients "FREE OF CHARGE", in order to build lasting relationships. Thousands of large and small businesses across the country depend on their client’s ability to obtain 3rd party financing, in order to take delivery of their products or services. Imagine the power of offering past, present, and future clients a solution to their temporary financial pitfall!  Using TURNSCOR PRO as a marketing and branding tool, will separate you from your competition, and build a pipeline of future sales.



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