About Turnscor Pro

 Advanced Credit Technologies, Inc has developed  TURNSCOR PRO to help large and small businesses across the country, build lasting relationships with clients who may have a blemish or error on their credit profiles. With millions of Americans suffering during this prolonged recession, and credit scores being more prominent in accessing lines of credit, it is imperative to offer your client base a solution.  TURNSCOR PRO  offers a comprehensive solution to all of a small business’ limited financial resources, in order to gain market share.  

TURNSCOR PRO personalizes your business with a white labeled back office dashboard, provides an integrated training library, has mass e-mail capability, and sends you instant notifications when your clients have made a positive change to their credit scores.  Imagine the power of offering "FREE CREDIT REPAIR" software to all of your past, present, and future clients, and building a pipeline of referrals and goodwill within your community! You can even give it away as an employee benefit, to those who are helping you achieve your goals as a small business owner.  TURNSCOR PRO  can even be integrated into your existing website for a seamless visit to your back office dashboard....

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 Your customized "Back Office Dashboard" gives you complete access to your entire database. From here you can see all of the activity and progress your clients are making. From their level of activity, to their current status. Your drop down "Menu" gives you access to any part of your back office from the "click" of a button......

  If you "click" on a clients name you will immediately be brought to their "dashboard". From here you can analyze their initial credit scores, most recent credit scores, and their entire history to determine a message that best fits them in building your relationship.
  TurnScor Pro gives you and your "Team" individual access to the data base. Sales Managers in all types of industries are looking for ways to get their sales people to reach out and contact past, present, and future clients. Our software gives them the opportunity to call with a solution to the difficult financial conditions for everyone within their circle of influence. Your staff can use individual "promo codes" to invite their clients to gain access to the software, all in a safe, secure environment.

Communicating with all of your clients at one time is simple with our e-mail platform. You can send individual custom messages or group them together based on credit scores. Your messages can be specific to targeted groups.

Your clients belong to you as the "Owner" of the company. We realize that sometimes you lose a sales person, the system allows you to easily transfer clients from one team member to another with the click of a button. Those clients are then sent a reminder as to who their new contact person is within your organization.

Your back office is completely customizable in what your clients see. You can upload as many banners and logo's as you wish, they will randomly rotate so you have multiple messages at the same time. Your logo is hyper-linked to the website of your choosing.

Your TEAM can create unique "promo codes" and launch them from an e-mail or embed them behind a button on your website. You can set a time stamp to create a sense of urgency for your clients. If a client loses their "promo code" or it gets deleted in spam or junk mail you can easily re-send them with the click of  a button.

The "credit range" is the most important tool you have at your disposal. You can easily see all of your clients credit score in ranges of 50 basis points. From individual credit bureaus to a grouped average. Your messaging for clients scoring a 525 will be different from the group scoring 625, thus you simply click on the group within the pie chart, and those clients will appear for you to send them a custom message. You can also see clients grouped from an improvement status on a measure of 0-25 basis points. All in an effort to measure your future sales projections and build your network of referral partners.

TurnScor Pro gives you a comprehensive Training Center to completely understand the power of this software. From a written e-book, video tutorials, to a complete video demonstration of the application. These tools were developed to assist you in using this software and simplifying its implementation within your organization.